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CN Metalworks - a complete solution

Complete metalwork service for commercial clients including construction, property developers, agriculture and specialist manufacturing.

Starting back in 1990 as just a ‘jobbing’ metalworks, like the majority of new start-ups we were happy to tackle any and all projects that came our way. A lot of these were the type that larger companies perhaps wouldn’t want to take on, but we never turned away any work and were always happy to help. 

Taking time to understand and appreciate our customer’s requirements enables us to best create and deliver their specific metalwork solutions.

It’s an approach we’ve always taken and one which we have no plan on changing, as we have seen many of these customer’s businesses grow and we are delighted to still be working with them nearly thirty years later.

Since these early days our reputation has grown and CN Metalworks are now recognised by many as the ‘go to’ company for bespoke metal work solutions, the people who will tackle any project with enthusiasm and deliver work of the highest quality – from initial design stages through to manufacture and installation.

Chris Nelson established the business and today it is his son, Craig, who is at the helm. Like his father, Craig has learned his craft as an apprentice and growing up with the business brings a wealth of experience. 

We now count over 20 in number, with plans to recruit further experienced staff and apprentices in the years ahead. 

Our team are seen as invaluable partners to local large manufacturing companies, property developers and even the national utility companies. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any metalwork project, no matter how diverse or complex it’s nature.

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