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Acoustic Horns

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One might be mistaken for thinking that CN Metalworks had diversified into the manufacture of musical instruments, but these highly engineered components are play a key part in a diverse portfolio of industries.

The premise behind acoustic horns in this setting is relatively straightforward: audible and inaudible sound frequencies are resonated through the horns which prevent powder or particle build-up. Imagine the inside of your vacuum cleaner, where dust accumulates over time – if that were fitted with a similar technology then the dust would not be able to accumulate.

Now imagine that same principle in an industrial setting – cement factory, advanced food manufacture, pharmaceuticals or power generators such as incinerators – all areas where particle accumulation would hinder operations and have a detrimental impact. By using stainless steel acoustic horns in their facilities, ranging from 300mm to nearly 3,000mm in length and either taper-cylindrical or taper-box construction, this build-up is reduced or eliminated completely.

Our client is very unique in that they are the only company to specialise in both audible and inaudible acoustic cleaning systems, and across so many  diverse industries, and their highly innovative business now extends to over 70 countries worldwide and has seen them accumulate a raft of innovation and technology awards.

CN Metalworks have been working with this specialised client since 2005, manufacturing key components across the product range for assembly by their technicians.