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Professional shot blasting in Cumbria by CN Metalworks

For items that require powder coating which have not been manufactured by CN Metalworks or which have been subject to lengthy weathering (and show signs of rust) or have had numerous coats of paint applied, we have our own shot blasting capabilities to ensure the metal is effectively cleaned and prepared ahead of finishing.

The term “shot blasting” is the process of propelling abrasive media material with either centrifugal or mechanical force and blast it against a surface.

Shot blasting is considered a much more aggressive technique than sand blasting, but it is one which can achieve the desired results even when faced with an array of substances which need removal such as rust or layers of paint which may have been applied over many years.

In general, we reserve shot blasting for larger items and ones where preparation of the metal requires that needs both a stronger application force and a denser media material to achieve the cleanliness required and for the surface meat to be sufficiently prepared for subsequent powder coating.

Given the high pressure and force that shot blasting entails, it is also a highly skilled activity that requires the high pressure ‘blast’ to be accurately contained to the specific area of attention.

Shot blasting (or sometimes known as ‘grit blasting’) differs from sand blasting as the latter uses compressed air rather than centrifugal or mechanical force to propel the abrasive material.

Shot blasting is typically preferred when deep abrasive penetration is required to quickly and effectively prepare thicker surfaces in advance of further finishing applications.

Shot blasting in Cumbria by CN Metalworks

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